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Sonate & Ayodeji | Weddings

  20.05.2018   Wedding

There were so many things about Sonate and Ayodeji’s wedding that I loved. From the vibrant traditional outfits that guests were wore, to the soft, romantic decor at the reception.

Bryn & Bianca | Weddings

  19.05.2018   Wedding

I know every wedding is happy, but Bianca and Bryn’s wedding day was off the charts happy!! I absolutely love The Oaks Estate in Greyton and it was the perfect

Olivia & Paul | Weddings

  13.05.2018   Wedding

Olivia and Paul have been together for 18 years and have the cutest little girl, Victoria. This sweet family traveled from Jamaica all the way to South Africa for their

Nolene & Heinrich | Weddings

  20.11.2017   Wedding

Nolene and Heinrich’s Wellington wedding day was absolutely perfect. Lots of love and lots and lots of laughter went around all day. After doing an engagement shoot (you can see

Amanda & Tawanda | Weddings

  8.10.2017   Wedding

Amanda & Tawanda had the most wonderful destination wedding. They live in Canada and all of their guests except for one traveled a long way across the globe to come

Tanya & Shaun | Weddings

  1.08.2017   Wedding

What a pleasure it was to photograph Tanya and Shaun’s winter wedding at the warm and cozy Royal Hotel in Riebeek Kasteel. It was a crisp but a beautiful sunny

Lindelie & Pierre | Weddings

  24.06.2017   Wedding

I’ve been looking forward to sharing some of Lindelie and Pierre’s wedding photos. Theirs was a very glamorous affair and I loved too many things about this wedding to mention.

Ku Ku & Luc | Weddings

  23.04.2017   Wedding

I recently photographed Ku Ku and Luc’s engagement session (which you can see here) and had such a lovely time photographing them again on their wedding day at the beautiful

Carolyne & Brad | Weddings

  27.03.2017   Wedding

I am always a bit nervous (and flattered) when shooting other photographers (Bradford is an amazing fashion and lifestyle photographer), but it was just impossible to feel anything other than

Zishan & MacGregor | Weddings

  28.02.2017   Wedding

Zishan and Mac’s wedding guests (from abroad) were treated to mountain, ocean AND vineyard views all on the same day! Their ceremony took place at The 12 Apostles Hotel in