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When I was still studying Graphic Design some years ago and realized that it was photography that I wanted to peruse, I asked myself what I wanted to shoot. Portraits. Photographing people was what I wanted to do with all my heart. I am now a fulltime wedding and portrait photographer and while going through the images from this shoot I can’t help but feel so very grateful that I am doing my dream job!

Natasha is a friend of Valery & Art (see their engagement shoot here) and while she was visiting South Africa from the Ukraine for Valery and Art’s wedding (photos from that coming soon!), she wanted to have some sunny beach portraits to take back to a very snowy, cold home.

Natasha is insanely gorgeous and I really had the most awesome time photographing her!



  • 04/09/2013, 01:14  Reply

    You Lady! Are a Machine!!!! Love these shots!!

  • 04/09/2013, 02:15  Reply

    goodness these are beeeeautiful portraits Ms Mac! πŸ™‚

  • 04/09/2013, 03:51  Reply

    Wow, these are gorgeous. I definitely have to book a potrait shoot with you when I’m in SA πŸ™‚

  • Tasha Seccombe
    04/09/2013, 04:38  Reply

    Beautifuuuulll… She is like Virgina Madsen, but even more gorgeous!

  • 04/09/2013, 07:56  Reply

    No words! So gorgeous, Catherine you’re a genius! WOW!!!!!!

  • Nicole
    04/10/2013, 19:25  Reply

    Wow, how charming!!!

  • 04/13/2013, 09:12  Reply


  • 04/16/2013, 21:31  Reply

    Lovely photos. Clearly it was a beautiful day. She looks really pretty and you definitely captured her spirit. The last shot is my favourite, love that glow.

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