Serene + Gavin | Engagement Shoot

I recently traveled to Singapore to photograph Serene & Gavin’s wedding. A few days before the wedding celebrations I did an engagement shoot for them. It was so lovely to hangout and get to know them a little better before the big day.

We headed down to the Marina Bay Sands promenade and the Singaporean skyline was the (amazing!) backdrop for the photos. I couldn’t be more happy with how the photos turned out. I have wanted to do an engagement shoot with a real city feel for so long! Thanks Serene and Gavin for being so lovely, and for laying on the ground for me!

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did photographing them!


Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_1 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_2 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_3 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_4 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_5 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_6 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_7 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_8 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_9 Singapore_Engagement_Shoot_Prenup_Photoshoot_Marina_Bay_Sands_Promenade_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding_Photographer_10







7 responses to “Serene + Gavin | Engagement Shoot”

  1. Melanie Avatar

    Lovely shoot Cat! Love the colours and the city looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics.

  2. Serene Avatar

    Cat you are the most amazing photographer we have ever met! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

    1. Catherine Mac Avatar

      Ahhh Serene, you and Gavin are such kind and wonderful clients, it was such a pleasure photographing you both!

  3. Bron- [vanilla]photography Avatar

    unreal!!! how flipping amazing is that backdrop- adds an incredible depth to the photos! just LOVE! beautiful as usual xxx

  4. Lauren Kriedemann Avatar

    awesome shoot you are amazing

  5. Louise Patrick Avatar
    Louise Patrick

    LOVE how you’ve made a city so pretty!

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