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Shala and Vundli booked a portrait session to celebrate turning 30. Shala and Vundli are twins. I’m sure you’ll agree that my camera absolutely loved these beautiful women and if this is what 30 looks like I say bring it!!

Shala and Vundli, it was an absolute pleasure photographing you and all your fabulosity. Here’s to another 30 years of gorgeousness!

Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_1 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_2 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_3 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_4 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_5 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_6 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_7 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_8 Portrait_Photographer_Cape_Town_South_African_Wedding_Photographer_9


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  • 08/13/2013, 00:51  Reply

    They have such beautiful smiles.

    Well done! 🙂

  • 08/13/2013, 08:06  Reply

    Gorgeous girls!!! Beautiful images!

  • Vundli
    08/13/2013, 08:40  Reply

    Lovely work Cath! We thoroughly enjoyed the shoot 🙂

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