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Iโ€™m writing the text for this post from my hotel while I wait for my taxi to the airport. I want to write about my time in Singapore while itโ€™s still fresh in my mind.

When I was a little girl I remember being told by someone that there was a country where chewing gum was illegal. Ever since then I had this strange desire to see this place.

ย Some months ago, to my delight, I was invited to Singapore to shoot a wedding. Naturally I turned it into a bit of a working holiday. How could I come all this way and not see Singapore?!

When I first landed in Singapore I got straight onto a ferry and went to a little island called Bintan, which is in Indonesia. I checked into clubmed for a bit of r&r and then came back to Singapore for the wedding.

The hotel I stayed at whilst in Singapore is the heart of Chinatown and I absolutely LOVED being here. Lots going on and very central! If you are looking for a great hotel in Chinatown I can highly recommend Naumi Liora.

I met so many lovely people during my time here and I quickly learned that the two things that Singaporeans do best are shopping and eating!

All in all my time in Indonesia and Singapore has been an absolutely amazing experience, which started out on the overwhelming side and has ended with a pang of sadness in my heart at the thought of leaving.


Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_1 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_2 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_3 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_4 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_5 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_6 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_7 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_8 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_9 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_10 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_11 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_12 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_13Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_14 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_15 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_16 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_17 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_18 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_19 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_20 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_21 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_22 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_23 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_24 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_25 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_26 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_27 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_28 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_29 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_30 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_31 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_32 Singapore_Travel_Photography_Catherine_Mac_Photography_Destination_Wedding-_Photographer_33


  • 10/14/2013, 01:22  Reply

    Beautiful shots Catherine! Would so love to go there one day…

  • 10/14/2013, 02:08  Reply

    Oh how I wish I could go to Singapore now! What gorgeous photos.

  • Jana
    10/14/2013, 02:16  Reply

    Amazing shots! Especially the ones of the lanterns. And the colours… Oh, how I love colours!!

  • 10/14/2013, 02:38  Reply

    haha Ms Mac, I was told the same story as a teen about the chewing gum being illegal ๐Ÿ˜€ such beautiful images!

  • 10/14/2013, 04:11  Reply

    WOW, the most beautiful pictures! *adds to Life List*

  • Anzel
    10/14/2013, 04:40  Reply

    Hi love your travel photography! Especially the architecture shots. Looks like a very interesting place.

  • 10/14/2013, 20:51  Reply

    absolutely amazing! my adventures in singapore were not quite as glamourous… we stayed in a crummy hotel, with rates in hours (not nights) at the door. ladies screaming in the room next door during the evening, and then while walking through the streets a local man came to us very concerned telling us – ‘you should not be here! red lantern place!!’

    well… needless to say, we were staying in the red light district, and we soon packed our bags and moved onto to happier places. like thailand and malaysia!!

    but… seeing your photos makes me want to try it all over again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 10/15/2013, 00:39  Reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous.

  • 10/20/2013, 21:02  Reply

    Thanks for sharing your great and lovely singapore travel experience. All photos are very amazing which you have taken during your trip. I think, you enjoyed a great travel.

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