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I photographed Candice and Almero’s wedding four years ago and it was so lovely having them in front of my camera again. Only, this time there were two sweet additions. Photographing their twin boys, Nikolas and Lukas, was an absolute treat!


  • 01/03/2017, 12:47  Reply

    I cannot deal with how gorgeous these kids, and this family have grown to be! Candice & Almero, I so clearly remember joining Catherine on your wedding day, and it’s a treat to see your family in this new and beautiful phase:) Well done Catherine …you’ve done it again;)

  • Kayleigh
    01/03/2017, 19:01  Reply

    Cuteness overload!
    Every photo is more gorgeous than the next. What a beautiful family and so wonderfully captured.

  • Candice
    01/03/2017, 22:49  Reply

    Utterly in love with our family photos. Thank you Catherine, you are simply the best. Once again capturing our moments perfectly.. moments we can now treasure forever. Lots of love from the Barnard family xx

    • 01/04/2017, 03:27

      Anytime! We should do it again sometime 😉 So lovely to see you all! xxx

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