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Lisa & Dirk are two litigation lawyers in love. You should have heard the jokes when it came to signing the register!

I am in love with everything about this wedding… The navy blue and pink colour palate. Lisa’s elegant and understated lace and silk Robyn Roberts gown. Bunny boutonnieres. A crush-worthy cake. Romantic and meaningful boathouse nuptials. A sweet, sweet maid of honor crying her way through before mentioned boathouse nuptials. Fresh, gorgeous farm style treats. Best grooms speech. Ever. A teary eyed best man. And the most fantastic party on the dance floor to end off the perfect day that was Lisa and Dirk’s wedding day.

Lisa and Dirk, I love, love, loved being there to document this day for you. You are wonderful together!


Venue: Rockhaven Farm

Hair & Make-up: Lisl Boshoff

Dress: Robyn Roberts

Bridesmaids dresses: Mango

Bridesmaids shoes: Country Road

Brides shoes: Lilikoi (the bride actually painted them blue!)

Grooms suit: Trenery

Grooms shoes: Country Road

Groom’s boutonierre: Amelia from Whimsy

Flowers: Paradiso

Decor & hiring: Bride & brides mom, 4 Every Event, Paradiso

Catering: Rockhaven Farm

Cake: Koekies & Cream

sweet table: Brides (twin chef) brother 🙂

Photographers assistantClaire Nicola


20 responses to “Lisa + Dirk | Weddings”

  1. Nadine Aucamp Avatar


  2. Nicola Avatar

    Wow Catherine – this is simply beautiful!

  3. Tracy Lee Avatar
    Tracy Lee

    Great Pics 🙂 love love!!

  4. Tanya Jacobs Avatar

    So pretty! Wow!

  5. Sarah Stanford Avatar
    Sarah Stanford

    These are the most beautiful pictures, and definitely captured how amazing this perfect day was!

  6. Elizabeth | Bridal Musings Avatar

    Wow. This wedding and these images are absolutely beautiful! I adore the colour palette, the florals and the bunny bouts! There is such tenderness in the portraits too.

  7. Chloë Avatar

    OBSESSED with the decor!!! and the stunning bride xxx (and obviously the labrador guest)

  8. karla Avatar

    love the shoes

  9. Lisl Boshoff - Powder puff makeup & hair Avatar

    Oh, so pretty! Thanks Cathrine, the makeup pic’s are amazing!!

  10. Amanda Avatar

    OMG. I hear you – I am also totally in LOVE with everything about this wedding!!! Right down to the cat in the photo shoot!!! My word. And the photos!!! Gosh – well done Cath! You are so insanely talented!!! Just one thing – I HOPE you will do my wedding one day, even if you are super famous and I’m just a broke, struggling writer. I will be heartbroken if not!!!

  11. Liané Avatar

    what a cool couple!! a cat AND a dog?? me likey! actually everything about it me likey!

  12. Mari Avatar


  13. Christene Avatar

    Wow! This wedding was captured so beautifully. Amazing work!

  14. Chris - Dirks Dad Avatar
    Chris – Dirks Dad

    Amazing, fun and intemacy in one package.
    Captured the essence of the day perfectly.
    Can be revisited without loss for many years.

  15. Verina Smit Avatar
    Verina Smit

    Absolutely amazing! Soooooo so beautiful!

  16. Michelle Joubert-Martin Photography Avatar

    Beautiful… again! And she looked stunning!

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  18. VICTORIA Avatar


  19. nastassja harvey Avatar

    perfection as always Ms Mac! 🙂

  20. Leisa Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! I had to laugh because I’m a Leisa (pronounced Lisa, just spelled differently) married to a Dirk too! Probably not many of those pairings in existence 🙂 Lovely photography!

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