Lucile & Wayne | Wedding

It’s a really lovely compliment when another photographer entrusts you with photographing his own wedding. Thank you Wayne and Lucile for letting me document this really special day for you both and also for being so totally easy to photograph, you’re love for one another definitely comes through on camera!

Lucile was one of the most relaxed and fuss free brides I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and her bridesmaids (who are all her sisters) looked super sweet in their mismatched pastel dresses! The general theme of the day was a romantic and elegant one which suited Lucile’s gentle nature so well!

Lucile and Wayne’s wedding reception was held at Nantes Estate in Paarl and it was a lovely laid back evening shared with (LOTS) of family and friends!



12 responses to “Lucile & Wayne | Wedding”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

  2. Shelley Avatar

    What an absolutely gorgeous couple! These pictures are stunning. Well done, Catherine.

  3. Christine Meintjes Avatar

    Wayne, you guys look awesome!! Big congrats!! And many happy years to come xx

  4. Yolandé Marx Avatar

    What gorgeous photo’s Cat! Love the detail of the day you captured as well as the stunning couple photos. Ooh and the dance shots! Rockin’ those flashes! Lucile & Wayne you had a beautiful wedding and look so happy!

  5. Trudy Avatar

    Wow!!!! really beautifully captured Catherine 🙂 love the detail shots!!!!

  6. Monica Dart Photography Avatar

    Congratulations Wayne and Lucile. Wayne, it’s so wonderful to finally see the lady in your life that you spoke to me so much about at the photographers catch up at Grand Daddy several months back. Your day looked really special and you were in good hands with Cat. Beautiful photos!

  7. Jani B Avatar

    You guys look amazing!!

  8. Carrol Stephens Avatar
    Carrol Stephens

    What a stunning couple you are 🙂
    Wishing you all the happiness in the world!
    ♥ Carrol♥

  9. Wayne Sylvester Avatar

    Thanks Catherine for capturing our day so beautifully, you made it so easy being on the other side of the lens 🙂 Also a big thanks for the comments ladies….appreciate it.

  10. Wesley Vorster Avatar


    OBSESSED with the first dance photos!

  11. nastassja harvey Avatar

    oh so beautiful Cat! 🙂

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