A little bit about my journey getting here. Although not a professional photographer, my mother has always been passionate about photography and I believe this is where it all began for me.

After school, I studied graphic design with photography being one of my courses. We spent our first year working with film and developing photos in the darkroom. It was magical and I soon became obsessed with photographing faces.

Once I graduated, I moved to London for two years where I traveled and worked as an Au Pair. I bought my first professional camera and spent as much time as possible photographing the kids I looked after. My boss was so kind and encouraging, she would hire me to photograph the kids parties & christenings and soon other families began to book me for shoots.

Right before I moved back home in 2010 I got an enquiry to photograph a wedding in Cape Town. I just kind of fell in to it and I've never looked back. I have since photographed hundreds of weddings, met the loveliest people and am SO grateful that I get to do what I love as my job!

More about me - I love my dogs and being an aunty to my sisters' kids, Noah and Morgan. The best part of my day is an after work nature walk or trip to the dog park. I'm quite a perfectionist, which I choose to work for me and not against me. I will always be that photographer clearing clutter from the background. I am passionate about cake. I'm always the most excited person at the wedding when the cake comes out!

Reviews from clients

Megan & Patrick

1 / 14

"We were so lucky to have Catherine as our photographer for our big day! After many stressful months of planning (and replanning due to COVID) it was amazing to have a photographer that we felt instantly comfortable with. We were worried about being stiff and awkward in front of the camera but Catherine put us completely at ease and ensured the photos came out looking natural. Catherine is also an animal lover which is absolutely a plus as we wanted our dog included in the festivities."

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What gear do you use?

A.I shoot with two Canon R6 camera bodies and a variety of prime and zoom lenses. I have two flashes for shooting with at night when necessary and I edit with Adobe Lightroom on a MacBookPro.

How do we receive our photos after the shoot?

A.Once all the photos have been edited, I will email you the link to an online gallery and you will use a pin code to download all your photos in high resolution on your end. You can also share this link with any friends or family if you like.

What is the best time of day for outdoor photos?

A.The best time for taking photos outdoors is in the last hour or so before sunset. This will provide softer light which compliments my style of photography. An exception to this would be if the sun dips behind a mountain before 'actual' sunset. In this case, we would want to shoot in the last hour before the sun dips behind the mountains.

Do you travel to other provinces and countries for weddings?

A.Absolutely. I've shot weddings all over South Africa. Internationally, I've done weddings in Singapore, Germany, Angola, Malawi, Zambia and more. I've been fortunate enough to photograph weddings in many different cultures which has been such a highlight in my career.

Can we see a whole edited wedding before we book?

A.Absolutely! Feel free to get in touch and we can arrange this.

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