It’s a privilege to be welcomed by couples and families to photograph what will one day be their most precious memories. I appreciate that a wedding is made up of many intimate, emotional and happy moments and to be invited to document them is something, very special, and a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

As a creative, weddings are really exciting to photograph as they’re made up of so many beautiful details. I love making soft, pretty, happy photos. I adopt an unobtrusive approach and respect that each wedding has its own unique emphasis.

I photograph both local and destination weddings. I love being able to explore new places and experience weddings in different cultures. I’m happy to travel for your wedding – anywhere in the world!



Yes. I have an assistant with me on every wedding. Their role is to help with equipment, lens changes, holding a reflector and many other things that come up during the day. My assistant is not a second shooter but should you require a second shooter this can be arranged.

I most certainly do. I love visiting different parts of this beautiful country of ours and have also travelled far and wide for weddings in many different countries and of various cultures. I’m up for travelling anywhere in the world for your big day!

Once you’ve received your edited photos I will ask you to make a selection of your favourite photos to use for the album. I may add one or two more to the selection to ensure that the layout ‘works’ but I prefer the client to chose which photos are most special to them.

I shoot with two Canon 5D Mark iv bodies and a variety of different prime and zoom lenses. On a wedding day, I have two identical cameras with me for back up should anything happen to one of them. I like to shoot using natural/available light as much as possible but I also use a flash when needed.

No need to worry. I am sensitive to the fact that most of my clients are not professional models and not used to being photographed for an entire day. There are certain parts of the day that just ‘happen’ and I am there to document these moments in as beautiful a way as possible. Some of my favourite photos from the wedding day usually end up being the ‘unposed’ ones. Having said that, there are certain parts of the day like the couple photos or bridal portraits where my clients appreciate a little bit of guidance as to what to ‘do’ but the objective would be to create an environment for the clients to interact and be present in the moment. I might tell you a joke or two, I am a total sucker for laughing photos. A little tip: An engagement shoot before the day of your wedding can also be a great way of getting used to being in front of the camera but this is not essential, you don’t have to do any homework or feel like you have to know what to ‘do’, you can leave it up to me.

In this digital age I can understand the concern clients may have as to the safety of their precious wedding photos. After a wedding I download each memory card onto three different hard drives. All the images are stored on two separate drives until the final edited high res photographs are handed over to the client.

The last hour before the sun sets is referred to as ‘the golden hour’. This is a great time for the couple photos, as the sun is lower and softer. No squinting into hard direct sunlight. If you’re getting married where the sun dips behind the mountains it would be best to schedule the couple photos before the golden hour to ensure some sunshine before it dips. To see what time the sun will set on your wedding date, you can use this website: www.timeanddate.com.

You can use the contact form or send me an email directly using the details on the ‘contact’ page. Let me know where and when you’ll be getting married (if you’ve decided yet) and I will send you my package details. Should you like to book, kindly let me know which package you’d like to take and I will send you my contract which you can sign and send back to me when paying your 50% non refundable booking fee.